2017 Penticton Arts Awards

4th Annual celebration recognizing winning nominees for their outstanding achievement. The arts awards serve to underline the importance of the arts in our communities, and to recognize individuals and organizations for the significant contributions and for their exceptional support of arts and culture in the Penticton and District area.

Check here for the video of the 2017 Arts Awards.

Nominees (Award Recipients in bold)
Arts Educator
Keisha McLean
George Traicheff
Laura Kohut
Wendy Goudie
Maiya Robbie
Yanti Rowland*
Mia Harris
Dr. Greg Younging*
Dr. Michelle Jack
Jenny Long
Supporter of the Arts
Kristine Lee
James Iwasuk
Paul Crawford
Anne Rabbitte
Vaelei Walkden Brown*
Chris Millen
Dale Boyd
Aboriginal Art Award
Dr. Greg Younging*
Dynise Brisson
Skayu Louis
Tyrone Whitehawk
Clint George
Visual Arts
Lawrence Cormier, Cormier' s Studio
Kristine Lee
Alexandra Brooke
Farhad Amini
Neil Terry
Janette Damsma
Pat Field
Jan Little
Bethany Handfield
Janette Damsma
Shaun Kennedy
Drew Desharnais
Endrene Shepherd
Graphic Arts
Corinne Inman, Morpheus Graphix
Angela Hook Graphic Design
Jeremy Head
Michael Musclow
Zara Taylor
Cosmic Brew
Donald Tippett Wade*
Tracy Stuchbery
Michael Musclow
J. Wesley
Sarah Braidshaw
Jay Wesley
Tavis Weir
Warryn Berry
Jordan Keij
Avi SelvigNatural Wool Knits
Blue Caribou Plantwares
Irwin Hobden
Peter Wolf
Florian Maurer
Celine Blais
Get Bent Bellydancers
Army of Sass Penticton
Youth (Age to 19)
Molly Wells
Aboriginal Youth
Maryssa Bonneau
Literary Arts
Klaus Sturze
Dale Boyd*
Yasmin Thorpe*
Leanne Nash
Dawn Renaud
Media Arts
Fly Sugar Money
Moments Under Frame
Erick Thompson (ET2media)
Dave Mai (DM Productions)
Many Hats Theatre
Judi Ritcey
Jane Pilkey
Chamber Theatre Company
*This nominee has respectfully declined their nomination