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Siyamak Ghaffari
Artist, Sculptor, Animator and Film Maker

Siyamak Ghaffari was born in the land of poetry and wine; Iran. From the early childhood he was mesmerized by the world of colours. He always believed the colours were the bridge between the painter and his subject. Later in his life he discovered in fact it is not the colours, which act as the bridge between the painter and subject but the painter who's the bridge between the subject and the colours.

Siyamak Ghaffari migrated to Canada in 1991. He studied classical animation in the Vancouver Film School and graduated in 1997. Immediately after his graduation he commenced his career for Mercury Film Works company in Vancouver B.C. "Power Puff Girls" and "Yvon of the Yukon" are some of the projects Siyamak actively involved in their productions in the company.

Currently Siyamak resides in Penticton BC, the city of wine and arts, working as a full-time artist creating paintings and sculpting. However parallel to his paintings he also works on making films and animation using his life experience and powerful tools of painting. His latest work “Scream of Painting” is a short film about the censorship of exhibiting the world artists’ masterpieces in Iran.