Penticton Arts Council  nettiesteuernagel

Nettie Steuernagel - Director

I am self taught artist, singer and photographer. From a very young age, I have had a love and natural talent for the fine arts. However, growing up in a very small, very conservative town in northern Alberta made it challenging to get involved and develop my skills. My husband and I moved to the Okanagan 2 years ago in order for us to both pursue our passions. I have become involved in the art community having displayed my paintings and sketches in a few art shows. I have been overwhelmed by how supportive this community is to artist in any medium. I think it is important to continue to encourage creativity. It enriches our lives, it touches so many people, it is a part of human history, a part of our existence, and we need to embrace it. My hope is that as a member and board member of the Penticton Arts Council, I can become more involved while expanding my own knowledge and skills as a musician, artist, photographer and actor. And that we can unite with other artists, galleries and organizations to make Penticton a haven for creative minds.

Chelsea Terry - Director

Don Wade - Director