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Margaret Phillips

Evolving Artist

Margaret Phillips first studied art, more briefly than she would have liked, in her late teens with the legendary Jessie Topham Brown for whom Vernon's Public Art Gallery is named. After an interval of five decades she resumed her studies with Thea Haubrich in 2005, and continued to learn with Anna Maria Aigner, Linda Womack and others, together with the ongoing electronic mentorship of Robert Genn who she says continually corrects her mental and technical habits with his twice-weekly newsletters.

Margaret's prime creative interest is the depiction or evocation of nature. She works primarily in the encaustic medium and genres ranging from pure abstraction to mixed imagery.

By their very nature both the encaustic medium and mixed media with encaustic elements tend toward works physically smaller than those produced with oils, acrylics or watercolours. This quality, together with the unique translucency of wax, enables Margaret to endow some of her work with a startling depth effect, so that when viewed at the right distance and under the right light they become windows looking into new dimensions.

Margaret is a member of the Naramata Art Studio and an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA). Her work has been displayed at Shatford Centre, Leir House, the Penticton Art Gallery and the Oliver Art Gallery, and at the Lang Vineyards, Tinhorn Creek and Nk'Mip wineries.

She lives and works in Okanagan Falls.