The Shatford Centre -- Okanagan School of the Arts
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The Shatford Centre--Where History Meets Innovation!

The Shatford Centre is an entrepreneurial creativity centre dedicated to creative well-being. It is the ‘bricks and mortar’ home of the Okanagan School of the Arts (OSA), which is a non-profit society, established in 1961, which provides a full range of creativity classes, programs & workshops for individuals of all ages and stages.

Events at the Shatford Centre include many film screenings, lectures, concerts, dances, conferences and more. There are great opportunities for professional artists, musicians, dancers, directors (and many more) to showcase their talents and expertise at our facilities!

We also provide facility, equipment, and resources to the public!

Here is a list of facilities, many of which are available for rent:

- Classrooms and studios located on three floors

-A spacious Auditorium/Recital Hall that can seat approximately 300 people with a vintage stage meant for performances such as dance, drama, lectures/talks, music, fashion shows, book readings, weddings etc.

- The adjoining Galleria, can seat approximately 70 people, which is ideal for executive meetings, lectures/talks etc. The Galleria also has a built in bar to serve food and beverages to the guests!

-Accessible washroom facilities, parking lots, and office spaces.

Contact the Shatford Centre between 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday.

Address: 760 Main Street, Penticton, BC V2A 5E2
Phone: 250.770.7668