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Thea Haubrich

Born in Rotterdam, Holland, my husband and I left Holland around 1980 and we lived in Vienna (where our son was born), Germany, Japan, Germany again and now in British Columbia, Canada, near the city of Penticton – “A place to stay forever!”
I followed a not very artistic path until my late 40's, (calling it the "Dormant Phase", LOL), acquiring all kinds of skills, which would suit me later in my networking; learning to type with 10 fingers being a very important one.
Around 1996 I was introduced to Encaustic. It was the "European way", mainly using the painting iron on non-absorbent painting cards, and I recognized a huge potential in sharing an ancient art form, easy to learn with fast results, either as a fun craft or fine art and interacting with people at the same time.

As my husband and I decided to immigrate to Canada I saw my path as promoting Encaustic, giving workshops and networking to share as much knowledge as possible. This is what I do now: researching, learning, teaching, sharing, and networking.
As I started to teach, people commented that I had a natural talent of connecting, which surprised and delighted me!
Therefore I do not see myself as an artist: I'm a facilitator with a passion for creating with beeswax.

This approach/focus has served me well. I've created a large network of people interested in Encaustic, keeping them interested by organizing workshops & demos, exhibitions, writing newsletters, blogging and operating my social network on Ning
I am a member of several local Arts Councils, past Board member of the International Encaustic Artists, based in the States and a proud RipOff Artist.
In 2008 I was awarded Active Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists, and regularly exhibit with our local chapter and at juried shows of the Federation Gallery in Vancouver. Several of my Encaustic pieces have won prizes and/or sold in their juried shows.I hope this will give Encaustic even more standing within the arts community in Canada.