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Client Centered Counselling
Inner peace is what all people long for, and everyone's path to the present is unique. For over 20 years, my counselling has supported the individual needs of each person / family, adults and youth. My approach is eclectic, drawing on the combination of supports that fit for you. Examples of this are movement/music, Art, sand,play,bibliotherapy (literature),creative visualization, and exploration of your special inner world.

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Issues Addressed

Naturally issues overlap, and how one feels about one's self affects their success in careers, academically, and in relationships. Some of the issues clients have brought to sessions include transitions/new beginnings, managing feelings/self-esteem,getting unstuck and moving forward, grieving losses through illness, death, economic changes, relocating and leaving behind people,not feeling safe, or separation/divorce. The issues are endless, but always affect quality of life.

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Leir House Location

My background is in dance, including kinesiology classes at S.F.U. Additionally, I trained in drama and Art for kids at S.F.U. & U.B.C.
My counseling training at U.B.C. (Masters degree) included individuals and families of varying ages. I am a current member of the College of Teachers. I also have a grown child and good old-fashioned life experience. My graduate work also included Childrens' Literature, which brings to life many issues young people deal with today. For these reasons, Leir House is a great location for me. If a client is not mobile, I am also able to go to you as well. Please call me at 250-486-4555 to set up a convenient appointment time, and I'd be pleased to assist you.

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