Birds Sanctuary
Penticton Arts Council Birds Sanctuary Susy Esmeraldino Bird Sanc
The Birds Sanctuary
This is The Birds Sanctuary, in Okanagan Falls; a lovely place to go on spring time.

Watching the birds flying, migration, nesting, and listening to their amazing songs, is a very peaceful experience.
Family Crow
Penticton Arts Council Family Crow Susy Esmeraldino Family crow
The Family Crow
I love crows. They are a very intelligent and sensitive type of bird.

It is so amazing that they have a very special way to communicate among them using different sounds for different ocasions.

I saw this Family Crow at Stanley Park, in Vancouver.
It seems that "mom" was taking care of the chick while "dad" was "guarding" them.
Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia
Penticton Arts Council Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia Susy Esmeraldino Strelitzia
The Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia
This wonderful flower is the symbol of the Canary Islands.
Abandoned Boat
Penticton Arts Council Abandoned Boat Susy Esmeraldino Abandoned Boat
Abandoned Boat in Stewart
I saw this old abandoned boat in Stewart, BC, close to the border with Hyder -Alaska
Stanley Park
Penticton Arts Council Stanley Park Susy Esmeraldino St park
White Bench at Stanley Park, Vancouver
A very peaceful place at Stanley Park in Vancouver.
Sunset at Canary Islands
Penticton Arts Council Sunset at Canary Islands Susy Esmeraldino suns
Sunset is an amazing moment of pure reflection.
El Teide - The Volcano
Penticton Arts Council El Teide - The Volcano Susy Esmeraldino El Teide
El Teide
This is the volcano in Tenerife, one of the seven Canary Islands.

The last eruption of El Teide happened about 150 years ago, but sometimes it shows some "moviments" inside and "threats" to explode again.

The landscape around El Teide is very exotic, lunar, and it is surrounded by a very misterious atmosphere.
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